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From 19 November 2018 To 31 January 2019


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Description of the project
Why the block in the EcoStart project?
Creation of the own cryptocurrency TerraEcocoin (ticker TECO), when generating it, the Proof-of-Importance algorithm is used. Blockchain, as a protected digital registry, will ensure safe storage and transmission of TECO. We draw your attention to the fact that the popularity of the digital currency is growing every year. More and more people are discovering its advantages over traditional money. It ceases to be an exclusively exchange-traded asset and begins to be perceived as a full-fledged payment instrument.
Tokenization of the process of financing environmental projects using the Token Generation Event (TGE) service to create derivative tokens and smart contracts for each project (startup). The use of blockchain in this service excludes intermediaries between investors and financial applicants, simplifies access to investment services and attracts cryptocurrency owners in the investment process.
Reputation management. Gives users with the opportunity to jointly influence reputation and ratings, use them and collect feedback. This is especially important with decentralized funding.
Expert assessments. Gives credentials to expert assessments on projects (startups), platform participants, providing secure acknowledgments.
Cybersecurity. For the financial system - the most important property. The blockchain will provide more reliable protection in comparison with traditional technologies.
Thanks to the socialization of the Internet and using the EcoStart platform, every owner of the cryptocurrency will have the opportunity not only to provide cryptocurrency support to environmental projects, but also by investing in “green” startups and creating masternods to confirm TECO transactions and receive a stable income.
The Ecostart platform will unite all the subjects of the ecological eco-community on a common online site, which will make it easier for users:
  • search for a target audience for environmental projects
  • collection of funds for their investment
  • coordination of volunteer activities
  • formation of real ratings of environmental participants ecocommunity
  • get feedback

A brief summary of the project

The essence of the project
Ecostart is a public distributed cryptographic platform for creating applications and software solutions on an open blockchain. The platform is created for financial support of ecological and nature protection projects. The core of Ecostart will be TerraEcocoin's own cryptocurrency (TECO), which generates the Proof-of-Importance algorithm.
To initiators of ecological projects, Ecostart will provide a wide range of tools for creating its own tokens and managing their properties, which will serve as a cryptocurrency , bonds, share in the project, participation certificates, etc.
For each token, you can specify your own name, output volume, number of decimal places and other parameters and properties. The sale of released tokens will allow financing of ecological (green) projects, approved by experts from Ecostart.
What problems does the project solve?
  1. Insufficient financing of ecological activities, as another tool for collecting money to finance ecological measures, including global ones:
    • problems of ecological pollution
    • problems of the greenhouse effect
    • destruction of the ozone layer
  2. Increase mutual trust between the initiators of ecological projects and investors from.
  3. Increase of ecological activity and society
Project Objectives
Create a global ecological ecosystem to finance projects to address ecological problems of the planet:
  • Provide an opportunity for companies to raise capital to finance their ecological projects and start-ups in a more efficient, economical and secure way than the currently available classical tools
  • Provide investors and sponsors with direct access to initiators, companies and start-ups implementing their ecological projects
  • To stimulate ecological and sanitary activism and development of the population's initiative
  • Attracting the attention of civil society, the media, business community and municipal and regional authorities to ecological issues
  • Promoting volunteerism and sponsorship in ecological sphere
Strategic objectives of the project
  • Creation of a global investment ecological fund
  • Development of tools and financial models for the examination of ecological projects and determining the possibilities and amount of their investment, etc.
  • Creation of an effective mechanism for promoting "green" principles in society and business
Functionality and values of the platform
Functionality and values of the platform The platform includes the following modules:
  1. Fundraising application - service for creating registered digital tokens for financing any ecological (green) project, approved by Ecostart experts
  2. Creation of the own crypto-currency TerraEcocoin with the Proof-of-Importance (POI)
  3. Cryptomessenger, built on P2P technology (peer-to-peer)
  4. Investment ecological fund on financing of "green" projects
  5. System of expertise and recommendations (formation of trust ratings)
  6. Open API
  7. The application for space monitoring of the earth's surface for the detection of garbage dumps
  8. The motivation system (incentives) of volunteers, initiators of ecological projects and their investors
  9. Ecological lottery. At the same time, 50% of the funds remaining after the payment of winnings and operating costs will be sent to the investment ecological fund
Market position
Market position Ecostart is a public platform with an open API, with built-in support for additional applications for it (including cryptocurrency ). Ready to integrate with any ecological programs and deploy applications on the platform
To achieve consensus in a distributed Ecostart network blockchain technology is used, and to protect the blocks from forgery, the Proof-of-Importance method is used. For users, a standalone web application will be developed that you can use locally on your computer, or online.
For developers, it is planned to have an API and open sources under a free license, an open database of transactions
Technology Capabilities
Technology Capabilities Blockchain EcoStart has the following features:
  • High transaction processing speed - about 1 million transactions per second
  • The minimum transaction processing time is 1/100 of a second
  • Low transaction cost
  • Smart contracts with new advanced capabilities and tools for its creation
  • Energy-saving verification protocol (up to 100 times less than for bitcoin)
Consumer market segments
The main users - consumers of this service are all active segments of the population and socially-oriented business circles, as well as municipal and regional authorities:
  1. Municipal communities - on the one hand as subjects of pollution of nature, on the other hand, as "customers" of ecological (green) projects
  2. Specially protected natural areas (reserves, national parks, etc.)
  3. Ecological start-ups and companies implementing ecological projects
  4. Socially responsible business (investors)
  5. Non-profit organizations, environmental activists and environmental societies
Competitive environment
The most promising environmental projects, based on the principles of blockchain:
  • Green Earth
  • Earth Token
  • Eco Coin
  • The Earth Dollar
  • Carbon Coin
  • Ecotoken
All these projects are designed for certain areas of environmental activities, do not look like the EcoStart project and competitors are not.
Market evaluation
Market evaluation The core of the project is TerraEcocoin cryptocurrency (TECO). Factors for its growth are as follows:
  • Unique algorithms for creating and protecting blocks that
  • require less electricity (up to 100 times) than with normal mining and blocks will be generated much faster (up to 10 times)
  • Connecting the ecological community to popularization
  • TECO cryptocurrencies
  • Network effect (see next item)
Network effect and potential capitalization of the EcoStart platform.
We assume that by analogy with the law of Reed's Law that the usefulness of large networks can exponentially scale with the size of the network, the growth in the capitalization of the EcoStart platform is also subject to this law. In the ecosystem of EcoStart, participants can not only interact with each other, but also create their own tokens, which will lead to the emergence of new communities within the ecosystem of EcoStart (the company within the company), so the capitalization (C) of the EcoStart platform can be proportional to K ~ 2n "N is the number of participants"), and not directly in proportion to the number of participants.

Olga Bergen (CEO)
Michael McKee (CVO)
Dhana Timilsina (CSO)
Teymur Nurullaev (COO)