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Where IcoConstructor has provided you with a translation of the Russian language version of these Terms, in case of any wording discrepancies between the Russian and any other versions of the Terms, the Russian wording takes precedence.

General information

This site is created with the purpose of acquaintance with the information presented on the site and / or automated creation of a smart contract. The creation of contracts with the help of this site is carried out on a reimbursable basis. The cost of creating of a smart contract is published on the site and can be specified in various currencies, including, but not limited to, in the crypto currencies. The site reserves the right to change the price of creating of a smart contract at any time without warning the user. The parameters of the created smart contract are set by the user independently. The user bears all responsibility associated with the use of a smart contract himself. By creating a smart contract on the site, the User agrees that under no circumstances “ITD” LTD will be liable for the use of a smart contract and the possible damage caused by the use of a smart contract. The User undertakes to use a smart contract only if it does not contradict the legislation of the country in the territory of which he carries out activities related to the use of a smart contract and guarantees, that the use of a smart contract does not allow its use in cases where the legislation of the country of this person that uses a smart contract is prohibited in this way.

The administration of the site draws attention that the specified site “” is the Platform for the creation of a smart contract according to the parameters specified by the Client. The Platform shall not be liable for any actions of the Client in connection with the use of the received smart contract, including but not limited to, the Platform shall not be responsible for the information materials posted by the Client on the ongoing fundraising campaigns using a smart contract, payments and distribution of income, use of collected funds, exchange of goods and services for tokens received with the use of a smart contract and other actions, events and expectations associated with the Use of a smart contract.

Also, the Platform draws attention to the fact that from the moment the smart contract is transferred to the Client, all its use is based on the Ethereum distributed block-chain system and the Site has no technical capability to influence or manage the further use of the smart contract received by the Customer. Also, all fees and other activities related to the execution of the contract occur in the specified Ethereum blocking-chain environment and are not connected to the Platform in any way. The Platform only places within the created page, information about the plans and methods of the Client to use the received smart contract and on the progress of execution of the corresponding smart contract.

Smart contract is a program code, located on the Ethereum block-chain, created as part of the implementation of the block-chain project. According to Art. 1261 of the Civil Code (CC) of the Russian Federation under the computer program is understood a set of data and commands, designed in an objective manner for the operation of computers and other computer devices in order to obtain a definite result. The qualification of the program code underlying the block-chain project, as a computer program, entails a number of legal consequences.

Thus, a smart contract (hereinafter referred to as the Goods) is a computer program and its use and sale is regulated in accordance with the current legislation and regulatory legal acts of the Russian Federation.

In accordance with Article 437 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, these Purchase Rules (hereinafter referred to as the "Rules") are a public offer, that is, an offer to individuals, legal entities or individual entrepreneurs (hereinafter referred to as Clients) to conclude an agreement on the purchase of Products under the conditions stipulated therein. The offer to conclude this offer contract is addressed to the Clients by the Limited Company "ITD"
Legal address: 308023, Belgorod, Promyshlennaya st. 6.
Actual address: 308023, Belgorod, Promyshlennaya st. 6.
Primary State Registration Number 1113123014993
Taxpayer Identification Number 3123287870
Registration Reason Code 312301001 (hereinafter ITD).

Terms and Definitions

Goods - are copies of computer programs (smart contract) transferred to the Client’s property in accordance with these Rules for the purpose of their further use in accordance with the procedure provided for by clause 5 of Article 1286 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation or other goods, if provided for by the Customer's Order.

Products - Goods in the aggregate when jointly mentioned in these Rules.

The Platform - is an interactive trading platform ITD located in the information and telecommunications network Internet at and providing, among other things, functionality and technical capabilities through which the Customer can read the Products' description, create the necessary goods in accordance with selected parameters and place a Purchase Order.

Order - a set of actions of a Customer, made through the use of the functionality and technical capabilities of the Platform and expressed in the selection of the parameters of the purchasing Products, the confirmation of consent to their purchase and payment of the value of the Products in the manner offered by the Internet store.

The invoice - is a document that, depending on the method of payment chosen by the Customer, may be issued by the Platform on the basis of the Customer's Order, and used by the Customer, to pay the price of the relevant Products. The invoice contains, as a minimum, the name of the Products, their quantity, price and, if applicable, additional conditions for the purchase of the Products.

The definitions specified in this section are applicable, including, with respect to words and phrases used in the present Regulations in the plural.

Terms and Definitions

General conditions

1.1. These Rules determine the rules for the use of the site and the transfer of computer programs (smart contracts).

1.2. In the event that the method of payment chosen by the Customer provides for the Issuance of an Invoice to the Customer, additional terms of the Customer's purchase of the Products may be specified by the Invoice. In the event of a contradiction in the terms and conditions indicated in the Invoice, the conditions of the Invoice prevail the conditions provided in these Rules.

Acceptance of the public offer

2.1. Full and unconditional acceptance by the Client of the public offer, the part of which is this Regulation, is made by paying for the Products in accordance with the terms of the Order, which is simultaneously considered an expression of the Client's intention to purchase the Products.

2.2. From the moment of acceptance by the Client of the offer, the contract for the purchase of paid products is considered concluded by the Client.


3.1. To purchase Products on the Platform, the Customer selects the necessary and desired parameters of the Product to be generated for the purchasing, using the appropriate functionality provided by the Platform interface.

Payment of Products

4.1. Payment by the Customer of the Products is carried out at the prices set by the Site.

4.2. Payment by the Customer of the Product is carried out by one of the methods provided by the Platform and within the terms agreed upon by the Client at the time of the Order execution. The Order placed on the Platform must be paid by the Customer not later than after 1 (one) calendar day from the date of its placement. Otherwise, Ltd "ITD" reserves the right not to accept this Order for execution and not to recognize its payment made in violation of the above-mentioned period, by the acceptance of these Rules. At the same time, the Client guarantees that he has legal rights to purchase the selected Product, as well as the legality of the sources of origin of the means of payment, as well as methods of payment for the Product.

4.3. Also, the Client / User of the ICOCONSTRUCTOR.COM website agrees that the ICOCONSTRUCTOR.COM site may withhold fees from the collected funds and / or released tokens of projects launched using smart contracts created on the ICOCONSTRUCTOR.COM site.

Conditions for the provision of computer programs

5.1. The computer program is provided on time, provided for by the relevant Order, wherein:

5.1.1. if the Customer is a legal entity or an individual entrepreneur, the computer program is considered provided at the time of receipt of 10 confirmations of the transaction identifier in the Ethereum network, with which the acquired smart contract was created. The Client shall, within 5 (business) days from the receipt of the act of transfer and acceptance of rights, sign the act of acceptance and transfer of rights, and send ITD one copy of the acceptance / transfer act. In the event that in the period established by this clause the Client does not send the act of acceptance and transfer of rights to the ITD, the acceptance / transfer act is deemed to be signed by the Customer without any observations on the last day of the deadline set for signing it.

5.1.2. if the Customer is an individual, the computer program is considered provided at the time of receipt of 10 confirmations of the transaction identifier in the Ethereum network, with which the acquired smart contract was created.

Conditions for the Transfer of Goods

6.1. The goods are considered accepted by the Customer from the moment when 10 confirmations of the transaction identifier were made in the Ethereum network with which the smart contract purchased by him was created.

Refund Policy

7.1. Purchased goods are formed for each Client individually and are not subject to return and exchange.

Other conditions

8.1. ITD is not liable for damages caused to the Customer and / or to third parties due to the use of the Products.

8.2. The Customer guarantees that at the time of the purchase of the Products he has full legal capacity and necessary powers to acquire the Products.

8.3. The law of the Russian Federation applied to the relations between ITD and the Client. All disagreements are resolved in a claim procedure. In case of impossibility of settlement of disagreements in a claim procedure within 30 calendar days from the moment of their occurrence, ITD and / or the Client has the right to apply to the court at the location of ITD.

8.4. ITD has the right at any time to make changes to these Rules, as well as to the parameters and description of the Products, including their price. At the same time, any changes are applied exclusively to the orders placed and paid by the Customer only after the introduction of the said changes and does not affect the orders placed and paid before the specified time.

8.5. In the presence of such an agreement, ITD independently, or through third parties, provides the Customer with related services, a list, cost and terms of rendering of which are agreed by the Client when completing the Order. Payment for the agreed services is carried out simultaneously with the payment of the Products.


1. The information placed on the pages of (hereinafter referred to as the Site) is intended for free familiarization of users with programs and questions that may be of interest to them.

2. All information is provided without guarantee of completeness or timeliness, and without other express or implied warranties. Access to the Site, as well as its use are carried out exclusively at your discretion and at your own risk.

3. Administration (Site owners, Officials, Directors, Shareholders, Founders, Editors, Employees, Agents, Administrators, Moderators, Assistants to moderators, Routers, Curators and others) does not exclude the possibility of errors.

4. The Administration does not give any assurances or guarantees regarding the Site and its Content, including without limitation, in regard to timeliness, relevance, accuracy, completeness, reliability, availability or compliance to any particular purpose of the Site and the Content, with respect to the fact that when using the Site, there will be no errors, it will be safe and uninterrupted, that the Administration will correct any errors, or that the Site will not contain viruses or other malicious codes, and that the Content and the Site do not violate rights of third parties.

5. Some links on this Site lead to resources located on third-party sites. These links are placed for the convenience of users and do not mean that the Administration approves the content of other sites. In addition, the Site Administration assumes no responsibility for the availability of these resources and for their content. This statement applies to all links provided on the Site, and to the materials of all websites accessible through banners and links on the website at

6. It is not the responsibility of the Administration to control the legality or illegality of the transmitted information and / or computer programs (any, including but not limited to information transmitted between users, internal transfer of information in the form of various links, texts or archives, computer programs, databases), the definition of ownership rights or the legality of the transfer, reception or use of this information.

7. Administration takes reasonable steps to ensure the accuracy, relevance and legitimacy of the Content, but it does not assume responsibility for the actions of individuals or organizations, directly or otherwise carried out based on information available on the Site or received through it, as provided by the Administration, so and third parties.

8. In accordance with applicable law, the Administration disclaims any representations or warranties that may otherwise be implied and disclaims liability in respect of the Site, the Content and its use. Under no circumstances will the Site Administration be liable to any party for any direct, indirect, special or other consequential damages as a result of any use of the information and / or computer programs received on this Site or on any other site for which there is a hyperlink from our Site, the emergence of dependence, decline in productivity, dismissal or termination of work activity, as well as deductions from educational institutions, for any lost profits, suspension of economic activities loss of programs or data in your information systems or in any other way arising from the access, use or inability to use the Site, the Content or any linked Internet site, or the inability, error, omission, interruption, defect, downtime or a delay in transmission, a computer virus or a system failure, even if the administration is clearly informed of the possibility of such damage.

9. For advertisements placed on the Site, only the advertiser is liable. The site specifically notifies that it does not guarantee the possibility of purchasing or using certain goods or services at prices and / or on terms specified in the advertising blocks (texts, banners). You agree that the Site is not responsible for any consequences (including any damage) arising from any relationship with advertisers.

10. The Site allows users to publish comments on published materials. The site does not take any responsibility for the content of the comments and the accuracy of the information published in them, also, the Site is not responsible for any recommendations or opinions that may be contained in the comments. In addition, because the Internet does not provide a fully reliable protection of information, the Site is not responsible for the information sent via the Internet.

11. Pointing out the parameters of the program for the computer that the Client wants to receive, and also sending materials to the Site, the Client guarantees and confirms that he has copyrights to these materials, obtained permission to publish from the copyright holder, or that these materials are public and are placed in accordance with the law or the requirements of the source. The client also guarantees and confirms that the use of the computer program received using the site will be carried out in full compliance with the current legislation of the country on the territory of which the use of the specified computer program will be distributed, as well as ensuring the use of the computer program received using the site only by persons having the legal right to such use and not violating the legislation of their country, the Client also confirms that he has a full and unlimited right to send these materials, and that such sending does not infringe on anyone's rights and legitimate interests.

12. The site may use cookies to store both your personal and general information. "Cookies" are small text files that can be used by the website to identify returning visitors, simplify the access and use of the site visitor, as well as track visitors to the site and collect general information to improve the content. By using the Site, you agree that the Site will use cookies.

13. The Administration reserves the right to make changes without notification of users. Also, the Administration is not responsible for changing, editing or deleting any information that you added to the Site or other related projects.

14. The Administration has the right to deny access to the Site to any User or group of Users without explaining the reasons for their actions and prior notification. Also, the administration has the right to remove from the site any information about the use of the computer program by the Client at the request of the relevant competent authorities. The Customer unconditionally agrees with this rule and guarantees that the information placed about the use of the computer program by the Customer does not violate any legitimate interests and rights and the functioning of the Client's computer program does not violate the Legislation of the country in which it is used, and the citizens of such countries are not involved in this use, in which such use is forbidden.

15. Administration has the right to change or delete links to information, graphic, sound and other data posted by Users on the Site, without prior notification and explanation of the reasons for their actions.

16. Any trademarks, signs and names of goods, services and organizations, design rights, copyrights and related rights that are mentioned, used or quoted on the pages of the Site, belong to their rightful owners and their use here does not entitle you to any other use. Unless otherwise stated, the pages of this Site are in no way connected with the right holders, and no one except the right holder can dispose of the rights to use copyrighted materials. You are responsible for using these and similar materials.

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18. The user agrees that all possible disputes will be resolved according to the law of Russian Federation.

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21. The layout of the pages, logo, graphics and drawings posted on this Site are protected by copyright.

22. If, in accordance with the law in force, any conditions are invalidated, the remaining conditions remain in full force.

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