Project creation and How it works

Choose the type of smart contact you need

Fill in the information about your project - on the basis of this information we will make a web-page for you (all fees will be collected on it) and post it on our platform.

Select the smart contract parameters for your ICO project.

Pay for the creation of the project and its placement on the Ethereum network.

Also, you will receive the address and the ABI of your smart contract.

Keep track of your ICO and manage your tokens through the platform interface.

In technical terms, ICO Constructor is a specialized software designed to create new smart contracts based on user-defined parameters. The process of setting the parameters for a new ICO is conducted on the site. The user-friendly and intuitive interface allows to set both the main and additional parameters of the contract (type of issue, number of issued tokens, stage dates, etc.)

After confirming all the parameters, the user pays for the platform services, after which the site will automatically publish a user-created contract on Ethereum blockchain. In this case, the wallet used to pay for the platform services will be designated as the owner of the new contract. After successfully creating the contract, the user can use the contract in the same way as he would use a contract designed independently or received from other platforms — i.e. to monitor the number of tokens sold, withdraw funds collected by the contract to his wallet, and pay profit from the project.

The advantage of ICO Constructor is its complete automation – users do not need to contact the platform and spend time waiting for answers, and they can create a contract in just 5 minutes. All the created contracts have passed a security audit and are not exposed to any attacks known as of early 2018.