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The most simple and secure way of fund-raising and investment in cryptocurrencies.

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Need our help? Our professionals are eager to help you in each step of ICO creation in constructor, they could create the complete draft on collecting resources (ICO) on a turn-key basis, or create an individual smart contract for you!!

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Get your own smart contract and project page on the ICO Constructor platform. It is available to everyone and takes only a few minutes!

ERC20 Token

Token will be compatible with most exchanges
Creation in 5 minutes
No commission as a percentage of release tokens




Utility ERC20 token

Token will be compatible with most exchanges
Turnkey ICO
Shop on the blockchain
Commission 3 percent from tokens




Security ERC20 token

Token will be compatible with most exchanges
Smart Contract Managed Payments and Revenue Sharing
Commission 3 percent from tokens
Turnkey ICO




Custom smart contract

Smart contract created according to your requirements
Contracts of any complexity
Security audit
Technical support
The benefits of ICO Constructor

Accessible to everyone

Anyone can create the projects or make investments with the help of our service - one does not need any technical background


Smart-contract independently divides the payments between the token holders, they are not susceptible to the outside control

Universally recognised token

Each project generates the unique tokens in ERC20 Format, supported by the most stock exchanges and cryptocurrency wallets

Fund management

The full control of all the collected funds and benefits

Where to start?
ICO creation
Step 1


Install tested browser-wallet MetaMask and click “Create ICO”

Step 2


Fill the informational list about your ICO project. Remember that good detailed description will attract more people

Step 3


Specify the fundraising parameters (ICO), the service will automatically place a smart contract that will manage the ICO

Step 4


Pay for the project you created, divided into several stages

Step 5


Our platform will automatically create a web page where fees will be paid.

You can learn more about each step on the page. How it works